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Staysure Travel Insurance Reviews

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Destinations covered: 10/10
Fees: 9/10
Variety of plans: 10/10
Age limit coverage: 10/10
Customer reviews: 9.7/10
Customer support: 7/10

Updated: November, 7, 2022


  • Pre-existing medical condition cover
  • Custom policies
  • Flexible and affordable plans
  • A wide range of add-ons
  • COVID-19 cover at no extra cost
  • Policyholders can access and change their policy online
  • Cons

  • Tailored to over-50s
  • No 27/4 phone support
  • Only two cover levels
  • Staysure is a UK-based insurer that offers a wide range of travel insurance policies for people with pre-existing medical conditions. 

    In this article, we’ll break down all the different insurance options that Staysure offers, explain how to apply for a policy, and look at some Staysure travel insurance reviews.

    Let’s dive in.

    What is Travel Insurance Staysure? 

    Staysure is a UK-based insurance company that specialises in providing travel insurance to individuals aged over 50 with pre-existing medical conditions and is widely regarded as one of the best travel insurance providers for seniors.

    Unlike AllClear Travel Insurance, it doesn’t boast products like life and car insurance but offers a wide range of travel insurance policies, as well as different levels of coverage.

    Who founded Staysure?

    Staysure was founded in 2004 by Ryan Howsam with the goal of providing comprehensive travel insurance to over-50s who have difficulty finding affordable insurance due to their pre-existing medical conditions and age. 

    Looking for Staysure alternatives? 

    What Type of Travel Insurance Plans Does Staysure Offer?

    Staysure offers 11 different types of travel insurance, including:

    Single trip travel insurance

    A single-trip policy is your best option for a one-off holiday trip.

    It covers:

    • All ages.
    • Pre-existing medical conditions.
    • Cancellations.
    • Cutting your holiday short.
    • Medical expenses.
    • Baggage claims.
    • Lost or stolen cash.

    You could also make a claim in case of a medical emergency that prevents you from going on holiday.

    Annual travel insurance

    An annual travel insurance policy is a cheaper option (than single-trip insurance) if you go on more than one holiday in a year

    It covers:

    • All ages.
    • Medical expenses abroad.
    • Cancellations or cutting your holiday short.
    • 50  days away if under 70.
    • 35 days away if over 70.
    • 24/7 medical emergency helpline.

    Medical travel insurance 

    Staysure covers most pre-existing medical conditions

    Staysure medical travel insurance reviews confirm that its medical travel insurance includes everything that a single-trip policy covers, plus all emergency treatments related to the pre-existing conditions you have declared and included in the policy. 

    Worldwide travel insurance

    When you take out a policy from Staysure, they let you choose where you want that policy to cover you. If you’re planning a longer one-off stay, you can opt for single-travel insurance and get coverage of up to 18 months. For multiple, shorter trips, it’s best to take out annual travel insurance. 

    With this insurance, you can travel as often as you like to different locations, as long as you aren’t away from home for more than 6 months—the latest statistics show that international travel for business usually lasts one to three nights, making Staysure a great choice for frequent business trips.

    Europe travel insurance 

    Both single-trip and annual insurance policies from Staysure cover trips and holidays in Europe and include pre-existing conditions protection. ​​

    UK travel insurance

    The UK travel insurance covers trips within the UK and domestic UK cruises. The policy covers cancellation, but only if you’ve booked a place to stay for a minimum of two nights, and in case of an emergency, it can cover the costs of transferring you to a hospital that’s closer to home.

    For example, if you’re hospitalised in Scotland but live in London, Staysure could help you get moved to a hospital that’s closer to your home location.

    Did you know? There are around 120 million domestic trips taken every year within the UK!

    Long stay travel insurance

    Long-term travel insurance provides coverage for trips that are between 3-18 months. If you’re going on a holiday that lasts fewer than 3 months you can get a single-trip policy.

    Cruise travel insurance 

    A cruise travel insurance is essentially a regular (comprehensive) insurance policy with a Cruise Plus add-on

    The add-on covers:

    • Missed port departures
    • Cruise interruptions
    • Cabin confinements
    • Itinerary changes
    • Unused excursions

    Staysure travel insurance for COVID

    The Staysure COVID-19 insurance policy covers policyholders before and during the holiday.

    It will cover you if:

    • You contract COVID-19 within two weeks of travelling.
    • You’re told to self-isolate.
    • You cannot complete your vaccination (due to illness or an allergic reaction).
    • You’re denied boarding due to a positive COVID-19 test.
    • You’ve been in contact with a person that’s COVID-19 positive (travel companion or people you live with).
    • You have emergency medical expenses abroad.
    • You need repatriation due to a prolonged stay after a COVID-19 infection.
    • You need additional accommodation while abroad due to COVID.

    Winter sports travel insurance  

    Similar to cruise insurance, the winter sports travel insurance is a combination of comprehensive insurance and winter sports cover add-on. The policy covers a range of winter sports activities, from ice-skating to tobogganing and snowboarding, as well as:

    • Equipment delay and hire
    • Ski pack
    • Ski pass
    • Piste closure
    • Avalanche or landslide

    Over 50s travel insurance 

    Staysure has no upper age limit and provides cover for any age group, including those that are over 85 years old.

    Basic vs. Comprehensive Coverage

    The main difference between a basic and a comprehensive Staysure policy, in addition to the level of coverage, is that policyholders cannot add any optional extras to their policy with a basic cover.

    Medical emergencies and repatriationUp to £5 million Unlimited 
    CancellationUp to £500 Up to £5,000 
    Cutting your holiday shortUp to £500 Up to £5,000 
    Baggage claimsUp to £300 Up to £2,500 
    Cash lost or stolenUp to £250 Up to £500 
    Personal liabilityUp to £2 million 
    Legal protection coverUp to £25,000 
    End Supplier Failure£3,000 

    Staysure comprehensive travel insurance reviews say they are satisfied with the service from the insurer.

    How Do I Make a Claim With Staysure?

    If you have an emergency medical situation, you can call +44 1403 288 414, or +1 844 780 0639.

    For other claims you can:

    • Call 01403 288 410.
    • Send a letter.
    • Make a claim online.

    You’ll need your validation certificate as well as any documents that support your claim. For example, Staysure will also want a copy of your test results if your claim is linked to COVID.


    With a Staysure travel insurance policy, you will get:

    Pre-existing conditions cover

    All Staysure policies include coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. If the company covers your medical condition, then you can apply and get any policy Staysure offers.

    Cancellation cover 

    Staysure includes cancellation cover on all of its policies. The cover is in force the moment you take out the policy.

    COVID-19 protection

    The company also provides COVID-19 protection on all policies. The only time you will not be able to make a COVID-related claim is if you travel to a place against the FCO recommendation. 

    No upper age limit

    Staysure does not impose an age limit on applicants and allows policyholders to customise their policies based on their (medical or otherwise) needs.

    What Extras Can You Add to Your Staysure Travel Insurance Policy?

    Staysure offers a number of add-ons that policyholders can take alongside their Staysure Staysure travel insurance policy, including: 

    100 Day Upgrade

    If you’re 70 or younger, you may extend the duration of your single 50-day trip cover to up to 100 days.

    European FCO Travel Advice Extension

    This add-on ensures that you are eligible to make a claim for costs related to accommodation and travel expenses even if the FCDO advised against non-essential travel to the place you visited.

    Bear in mind that Staysure does not cover covid-related claims when you travel to one of these countries. insurefor, on the other hand, does, so it might be a better option to consider if you are planning a trip to countries that are not on the safe list.

    Cruise Plus Cover

    This add-on covers everything from being unable to dock at a planned port because of the bad weather to itinerary changes.

    Excess Waiver

    If you have an Excess Waiver, you won’t have to pay any extra for each item you’re claiming. However, it does not apply for Gadget cover, Car Hire Excess, and Terrorism Cancellation.

    Don’t want to pay excess on your insurance? Try AA travel insurance, whose members do not pay any excess on travel insurance.

    Gadget Cover

    The Gadget cover add-on covers up to £2,000 worth of items (in total) for loss or theft, accidental or intentional damage, and liquid damage, among other things.

    Golf Cover

    If you’re an amateur golfer or you’re carrying your golf equipment on trips for non-professional use, you can use this add-on to protect yourself from any financial damage and get covered for emergency gear hire, non-refundable golfing expenses and hole-in-one insurance.

    Single Item Cover

    This add-on raises your single item Personal Baggage insurance to £1,000

    Travel Disruption Cover

    If you add this cover to your policy, Staysure will cover you in case your trip gets cancelled because the FCO advises against all but essential travel to your destination due to natural disasters.

    Winter Sports

    The Winter Sports add-on covers medical expenses for injuries suffered during sporting accidents, as well as ski equipment and costs of piste closures and unused ski passes.

    Staysure Travel Insurance Pricing

    The cost of your travel insurance depends on a variety of factors, including age, type of coverage, level of cover, and your pre-existing condition. 

    Cancellation and Refunds

    Policyholders have 14 days from the date of purchase to cancel their Staysure holiday insurance to receive a refund, minus any administrative costs.

    Customer Support 

    If you have questions about your insurance or need help making tweaks to your policy you can reach out to Staysure’s customer support team via:

    • Live chat
    • Staysure travel insurance phone number: 0333 014 4512

    The lines are open:

    Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

    Saturday: 9:00 a.m. -5:30 p.m.

    Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Staysure Insurance Reviews

    Staysure reviews show that customers are satisfied with the insurance products and the flexibility of its policies.

    Here’s what some reviews say for Staysure travel insurance options:

    Excellent policy for expats living in France and wanting world-wide cover. Gave us everything we needed and would have been 5 stars as very easy to follow, set up and understand except full Covid cover is not included and that is a major concern for every traveller.’ – Val.

    Very happy with the service provided, agent very pleasant/helpful. payment staff excellent. overall im extremly pleased with the policy at a reasonable price.’ – Colin.

    ‘This is a review for the application process, I haven’t had any contact with staysure for any claims or customer service. That said, I can’t believe it was so easy! and a good price too. I have complex medical issues and have struggled to find annual insurance as an expat, Staysure made it an amazingly easy, online application. Thank you, here’s hoping the rest of the service is as good.’ – Linssner.

    Very easy to complete details and go backwards if missed any details..price was goid compared with other sites and offered to insure my medical aspects that some others were choosey over. Thank you i feel very happy with my choice though i hope this is not needed as i travel.’ – Janice Matthews.

    A very straightforward and easy to use website with everything clearly explained.I have just taken out a yearly insurance and would appreciate a reminder when it is time to renew.’ – Sue Ward.

    Bottom Line 

    If you’re looking for an insurance provider that covers people of all ages and offers customisable travel insurance policies to people with pre-existing medical conditions, then you might want to consider Staysure. 

    The company offers a wide range of insurance products and add-ons and two different levels of coverage for every budget.


    Can I cancel Staysure travel insurance?

    You can cancel your Staysure holiday insurance within 14 days of purchase and get a full refund (minus the administration fees).

    How to cancel Staysure travel insurance?

    To cancel your Staysure holiday insurance, you can either call their customer support team, email them or fill out a cancellation request form online.

    Who is Staysure underwritten by?

    StaySafe’s insurance is underwritten by the Ergo Group Company ERV, which is registered in Germany as Europäische Reiseversicherung A.G. Its trading name in the UK is ETI International Travel Protection.

    Is Staysure a good travel insurance company?

    Staysure is a reliable insurance provider with a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. According to Staysure travel insurance reviews, it is an excellent choice for people who are over 50 years old, have pre-existing conditions, and are looking for affordable insurance.

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