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AllClear Travel Insurance Reviews, Pros, Cons & More (2024)

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Medical expenses: 10/10
Medical reparation: 10/10
Personal belonging: 8/10
Pre-existing medical condition coverage: 9/10
Prices: 8/10

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Coverage for over 1,300 medical conditions
  • Coverage for all age groups
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Medical emergency cover
  • Cancellation coverage
  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Cons

  • Some terminal conditions may not be covered
  • Destinations with a travel advisory are not covered
  • Won’t cover for people that aren’t clear to travel
  • AllClear is best known for its travel insurance policy that offers protection for people with medical issues.

    But what does the insurance cover, what are its pros and cons, and what do Allclear Travel insurance reviews have to say about it?

    Let’s find out.

    What is AllClear Travel Insurance?

    AllClear Travel is a UK-based insurance provider that specialises in medical coverage and providing travel insurance to individuals with pre-existing conditions.

    AllClear Travel insurance usually covers:

    • High Blood Pressure
    • Diabetes
    • High Cholesterol
    • Heart Conditions
    • Cancer
    • Arthritis

    The insurer will also consider conditions that required you to undergo surgery, conditions for which you have been prescribed medication in the last 5 years, and conditions you have been treated for including:

    • Respiratory issues 
    • Heart, kidney, liver, brain or circulatory disease or damage
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Strokes

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    What Type of Travel Insurance Can You Get at AllClear Travel?

    AllClear travel insurance offers four main types of travel insurance: 

    Single-trip insurance

    Single-trip travel insurance is the best type of insurance if you’re going away as a one-off. It offers cover for a one-time holiday for everything from medical emergencies to cancellation, repatriation, and damage or loss of personal property. 

    Annual multi-trip insurance

    If you’ve marked more than one holiday on your calendar in a 12-month period, then annual multi-trip insurance will work out cheaper. With this policy, you can travel a couple of times in a year and get covered for everything you would in a regular policy (but your stay can’t exceed the agreed duration).

    Did you know that before the coronavirus pandemic struck, Brits took 93.1 million visits abroad a year?

    Cruise travel insurance

    The AllClear Cruise Insurance is essentially a standard travel insurance policy that comes with cruise-specific extras, including cover for missed port departure, cabin confinement, itinerary charge, unused excursions, and cruise interruption.

    Long stay travel insurance

    As the name suggests, long stay insurance is designed to provide cover for longer-term trips. AllClear long stay travel insurance covers stays for any period, up to 12 months.

    Worth noting: The company also has life insurance, private health insurance, pet insurance, and car insurance products. However, if you want a company that offers more travel insurance categories, including separate policies for travelling in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, take a look at what Staysure has to offer.

    How To Claim AllClear Travel Insurance?

    If you want to make a non-emergency claim on your AllClear travel insurance policy before or after you’ve returned from your trip, you can contact the AllClear Travel Insurance Claims helpline via:

    • Phone: (01702 427268) The lines are open between 1 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.
    • Online: Register on AllClear’s website and make a claim through your account.

    If you get injured or need immediate medical assistance while you’re away, you can contact Zurich providers who offer support and assistance 24/7 on their multilingual emergency service number: +44 (0) 203 467 4122.

    What Is Included In The AllClear Travel Insurance?

    AllClear Travel insurance offers three plans with different levels of coverage. Here’s what’s included in the plans for all 4 types of insurance:

    AllClear Gold PlanAllClear Gold Plus PlanAllClear Platinum Plan
    Emergency medical expenses and Repatriation costsUp to £10mUp to £15mUp to £15m
    Cancellation and Curtailment*Up to £2kUp to £15kUp to £25k
    Extended cover30 days FREE30 days FREE30 days FREE
    Travel companion if you fall ill with Covid-19Up to £2kUp to £2kUp to £2k
    Travel delayUp to £100Up to £350Up to £500
    Recuperation stay
    Cost of return flight due to COVID-19
    Personal belongingsUp to £2kUp to £2.5kUp to £3k
    Personal liabilityUp to £2mUp to £2mUp to £2m
    Legal protection coverUp to £50kUp to £50kUp to £100k

    *Might cost extra

    Note: The quotes are for one person per trip. If you opt for an annual multi-trip policy, you’ll only be covered for a certain number of days on your trip, which can be anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

    If you need added protection, AllClear Travel Insurance also has the following options:

    • Travel disruption
    • Waiting list cover
    • Excess cover
    • Golf cover
    • Winter sports

    Note: AllClear provides great coverage for winter sports, although other companies like Able2Travel provide £1,000 coverage for lost, damaged or stolen ski equipment. 

    What Is Not Covered By AllClear Travel Insurance?

    An AllClear travel insurance typically won’t cover:

    • Undiagnosed conditions: The insurance provider won’t cover conditions that haven’t been diagnosed by a health care professional
    • Pre-existing conditions that were not disclosed: Failing to disclose a pre-existing condition can void your insurance.
    • Individuals who are not clear to travel: AllClear Travel Insurance requires policyholders to provide a document that they were fit to travel when making a claim. 
    • Certain terminal conditions: The company might reject your application and render you ineligible for coverage if you have a terminal illness.
    • Destinations under a travel advisory: AllClear Travel Insurance will not cover you if you’re going to a place against the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

    How Much Does AllClear Travel Insurance Cost?

    An AllClear travel insurance is calculated based on a variety of factors which include age, medical condition, trip length, destination, preferred coverage, and excess (deductible). 

    Note: Even though excess is deductible, it is still an extra cost you have to budget for. AA members, for instance, do not pay any excess of travel insurance, which is something to consider when you are adding up costs.

    Is AllClear’s Travel Insurance Coronavirus Proof?

    AllClear’s travel insurance covers COVID-19, including:

    • If you contract COVID-19 before travel.
    • If your travelling companion contracts COVID-19 (within 14 days).
    • If you’re denied boarding due to a COVID-19 positive test.
    • If you’re told to self-isolate by the NHS at the time of departure.
    • If it’s medically necessary for a travel companion to travel from your home destination and stay with you.
    • If you need to continue your stay for recuperation.
    • Costs for a return flight after a prolonged stay due to COVID-19.

    If you have to travel to a country the FCDO has not rated as safe, insurefor is your best bet for travel coverage. 

    Who Should Buy AllClear Travel Insurance?

    People that could benefit from AllClear travel insurance products are: 

    • Travellers with existing health issues, in particular seniors with pre-existing medical conditions.
    • Frequent travellers.
    • Travellers who need medical travel coverage.

    AllClear Travel Reviews

    AllClear Travel Insurance has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot based on more than 78,000 customers. Here’s what some of them say about its service and products:

    ‘’This company must have one of the easiest application forms to complete. No jargon, just plain and simple questions. The service was great and I would definitely use them again on my next trip.’’ – Paul.

    “Straight forward to do and cost reasonable, I use this company all the time”. – Michael.

    “This was the first time I have used All clear travel insurance and it was quick and easy to get a quote and pay for my insurance. I would recommend Allclear to anybody with medical conditions to use them.” – Kevin.

    “Rang about the medical cover as have pre existing conditions. The agent explained the cover and all the details in plain English. He was polite, understanding and very knowledgeable. Reasonable price for good cover.” – Harry.

    Note: When it comes to customer satisfaction and trust, A-plan tops the list with an impressive 4.8 rating on TrustPilot and a 96% recommendation rate on Reviews.io. 

    Bottom Line

    AllClear Travel Insurance is an excellent option for individuals who need travel insurance that’s geared toward specialist medical policies. The insurer provides cover for people of all ages, offers COVID-19 coverage, and allows policyholders to add some extras to their insurance if they need it.


    Who can apply for AllClear travel insurance?

    AllClear Travel Insurance doesn’t impose an age limit on applicants. You could still be offered a quote even if you’re over 99, but you’ll have to call the insurer first.

    What other options are available with AllClear travel insurance?

    In addition to what’s included in the plans, policyholders can add financial repayment for loss or damage to ski or golf equipment and cancellation for unrecoverable prepaid fees, among other things.

    Is AllClear Travel Insurance worth it?

    AllClear Travel Insurance reviews say that the company’s travel insurance is a good choice for seniors and any individuals with a pre-existing medical condition.

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