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Mr Lender Reviews: The Good and The Bad

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Available amounts: £200 to £1000
Loan terms: 3-6 months
Representative APR: 1240.1%
Fees: No fees
Funding speed:: Within an hour
Customer support: Phone, post, and live chat

Price: £200

Updated: April, 8, 2023


  • No up-front fees or late fees
  • Decreasing repayments
  • Live chat
  • Repaying early can reduce interest
  • Quick funding
  • Option to change repayment date
  • Cons

  • Applicants have to be employed
  • One loan at a time
  • Low loan limit
  • Mr Lender is a lender that provides short-term payday and same-day loans for those who need emergency funds.

    What exactly does Mr Lender offer, what do Mr Lender reviews say, and is it the right choice for you?

    Let’s find out.

    What Is Mr Lender?

    Mr Lender is a UK-based short-term loan provider, headquartered in  Loughton, England,  that offers quick and easy access to small amounts of cash for those who need it. 

    The lender caters to all borrowers, including those with bad credit, but only approves loans for people that can pay them back.

    How Does Mr Lender Work?

    Applying for Mr Lender loans is a straightforward process. 

    The first thing you’ll need to do is visit the lender’s website, decide how much you want to borrow and how long, and use its calculator to get an idea of the total amount you’d repay.

    If you’re happy with the estimated rates, click on the Apply button.

    You’ll then be asked to provide the following information:

    • Reason for the loan application.
    • Your personal information: Name, surname, date of birth, gender, marital status, phone, and e-mail.
    • Residential status.
    • Employment details.
    • Affordability information.
    • Bank details.

    Since Mr Lender works on an interest only payment basis, it will conduct an affordability assessment and run a credit history check. Based on this, the lender will decide whether to approve or deny the loan application. 

    If you would prefer to use the services of a platform that relies on Open Banking rather than a credit check to assess your creditworthiness, take a look at the following:

    If the loan is approved, Mr Lender will transfer the funds to your bank account as soon as possible, usually within a couple of hours.

    Worth noting: Mr Lender uses Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) to collect repayments for any Mr Lender loan. With a CPA, borrowers give Mr Lender the ability to withdraw money from their bank accounts.

    What are the Mr Lender eligibility requirements?

    To apply for a loan, you’ll have to meet the following criteria:

    • You’re at least 18 years old.
    • You must be a resident of the UK.
    • You are employed (part-time or full-time).
    • You have an income of at least £600 (net) per month.
    • You have a valid debit card linked to your nominated bank account.
    • You have an active email address and an active mobile number.
    • You do not have any County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), or Bankruptcy on record in the last three years.

    Main Features

    Here’s what Mr Lender has to offer to borrowers. 

    Representative APR

    Lender loans have a representative APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of around 1240.1%, which means at least 51% of borrowers receive this or a similar rate. The maximum Mr Lender APR is 1,462.3%.

    This APR is quite high, which is expected from an online loan that requires no credit check. If you want lower APRs (but less chances of getting approved for a personal loan), take a look at TSB or Natwest

    Worth noting: Mr Lender interest rates per annum are fixed at 292% or around 0,80%.

    Loan Amount

    Mr Lender lets customers borrow between £200 and £1000.

    Although you can choose any sum in between, some amounts are directly linked to the loan term. For example, you can only borrow £500 or more for 6 months. 

    If you need a larger amount of money, you might want to look at other options

    Once you’ve decided on an amount and it has been approved, Mr Lender will not increase your loan or offer a new one until you repay the first one.

    Repayment Flexibility

    Like with many loan providers, borrowers can choose whether they want to repay the advance in 3-6 months (unless they opt for a sum greater than £500).

    But Mr Lender also allows borrowers to choose when they want to pay their instalments. 

    They can choose to pay on:

    • First weekday
    • Last weekday
    • Four weekly payments
    • Any specific day during the month
    • The last working day

    Decreasing Repayments

    Regardless of the Mr Lender payment plan a borrower picks, Mr Lender will set instalments in a way that they decrease over time. 

    The company says that based on their research, borrowers find it easier to repay the advance in decreasing amounts rather than fixed monthly instalments. 

    Same Day Loans

    If you need immediate funding, then Mr Lender promises a fast transfer time that will take no longer than a couple of hours with its same-day loans.

    Most borrowers typically have the money in their bank account in one hour. This indicates Mr Lender deposit times are much faster compared to other lenders.

    Payday Loans

    Lender offers payday loans that allow for a more manageable repayment schedule. This makes Mr. Lender one of the best payday loans in the UK. 

    Borrowers can not only choose the loan amount and term, but they can also decide when they want to pay their instalments. 

    Instalment Loans

    Instalment loans at Mr Lender have a lower interest rate (compared to payday loans).

    They are also paid back over a longer period (though no longer than 6 months) but in instalments that are affordable and leave room for certain tweaks. 

    Data Protection

    The company doesn’t collect more information from borrowers than it needs to conduct its credit checks and affordability assessment.

     Mr Lender also needs your bank details, to collect instalment, and says it does not disclose any information to third parties without a customer’s consent.

    No Fees

    Like THL Direct,  Mr Lender doesn’t have any early repayments fees or any up-front fees.

    Also, Mr Lender does not charge missed payment fees, but encourages borrowers to inform the lender if they can’t pay on time. The lender says that sometimes, they can push the deadline or break down the amount into smaller amounts if the borrower cannot meet the deadline.

    Customer Support

    You can contact Mr Lender’s customer support team by:

    • Phone: 0208-532-1969
    • Post
    • Live chat (Existing borrowers only)
    • Enquiry form

    Borrowers say that the customer support team is quick to respond and helpful.

    Customer Success

    Mr Lender is a legitimate company, authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), and a direct lender that has an excellent rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot based on nearly 9,000 reviews and a rating of 4.85 on reviews.io, where 98% said they would recommend Mr Lender’s services.

    Borrowers mostly praised its smooth application process, the speedy Mr Lender approval time, and the flexible Mr Lender payout time.

    Bottom Line

    Mr Lender is a responsible lender with a good track record that offers fast funding and flexible repayment terms. It provides several different types of fast loans, doesn’t charge any prepayment or late payment fees, and has excellent customer support service.


    How long does Mr Lender take to approve?

    In most cases, it takes Mr Lender around 2-3 hours to conduct an affordability assessment and credit check and determine whether they will approve your loan. If they do, the funds will be in your bank account within an hour.

    Is Mr Lender a direct lender?

    Mr Lenders deals with borrowers directly.

    Can I pay Mr Lender early?

    Mr Lender allows borrowers to repay early without having to pay a fee.

    Can I have 2 loans with Mr Lender?

    The company allows borrowers to take out a second load only after they’ve repaid the first.

    Does Mr Lender contact your employer?

    The company doesn’t typically contact employers, but they might.

    Does Mr Lender payout on weekends?

    According to Mr Lender reviews, the company does payouts during weekends.

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