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Dot Dot Loans Reviews: Features, Pros & Cons

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Loan amounts: £100-£1000
Loan terms: 3-9 months
Representative APR: 1228.67%
Fees: No fees
Funding speed: Every hour 24/7
Customer support: Phone, post, website

Price: £100

Updated: April, 8, 2023


  • Initial decision within minutes
  • Same-day payout
  • Flexible repayment period
  • No application fees
  • Allows early repayment
  • Accessible to people with bad credit
  • Cons

  • Hard credit checks
  • Doesn’t consider self-employed individuals
  • Not accessible to unemployed individuals
  • Dot Dot Loans is a UK lender that provides short-term loans for individuals with less than perfect credit scores.

    But, what does Dot Dot Loans offer exactly, what do Dot Dot Loans reviews say about its service, and is it the right choice for you?

    Let’s find out.

    What Is Dot Dot Loans?

    Dot Dot Lonas is an online loan provider and a direct lender based in Batley, West Yorkshire, UK. 

    It is owned by Morses Club PLC which is one of the oldest and largest home-collected loan companies in the UK that has been in existence for over 130 years.

    Dot Dot Loans provides small, short-term loans ranging from £100 to £1000. If you want to borrow a higher amount of money, take a look at the offers of Koyo Loans.

    How Does Dot Dot Loans Work?

    Dot Dot Loans doesn’t necessarily reject applicants who don’t have a perfect credit score but, it does run both credit and affordability checks. 

    How To Apply

    To apply for a loan

    1. Go to Dot Dot Loans’ website.
    2. Choose a loan amount and term.
    3. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button.

    You’ll then need to provide:

    • Personal details
    • Employment details
    • Financial details

    Once you complete the application form, Dot Dot Loans will send you an initial decision about your application

    The company will then conduct a soft check and an affordability check and send you an offer (if you are eligible). 

    If you accept, Dot Dot Loans will perform a hard credit check.

    After the loan is approved, the lender will transfer the money to your account within an hour (The Dot Dot loans payout time depends on when you’ve applied for the loan. You’ll receive your funds faster if you apply during office hours). 

    Worth noting: Dot Dot Loans may contact you to confirm bank details or other information. It also uses Open Banking as part of its checks.

    Dot Dot Loans Alternatives:

    How Does Repayment Work?

    Dot Dot Loans uses CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) to collect payments from your bank account on the monthly instalment dates you’ve picked (which should be outlined in the contract).

    You can also make a payment via your account on the website or over the phone.

    Worth noting: Not all lenders collect fixed monthly instalments. Mr Lender sets instalments that decrease over time.

    Dot Dot Loans Eligibility Requirements

    To apply for a loan from Dot Dot Loans applicants need to:

    • Be at least 18 years old.
    • Be a UK resident.
    • Not have entered an insolvency arrangement or declared bankruptcy.
    • Have a valid email address and mobile number.
    • An active bank account.

    The eligibility requirements set out by Dot Dot Loans are applied by other lenders as well. Dot Dot Loans accepts borrowers with bad credit as well, although as mentioned above they may not approve your loan if your credit rating is poor.

    Main Features

    Loan Amounts and Terms

    Dot Dot Loans offers short-term bad credit loans and fast loans, of £100-£1000 over 3-9 months. Borrowers can also choose the dates when they want to pay for their monthly instalments.

    If you are looking for a shorter loan term, CASH4UNOW and MoneyBoat can meet your needs.

    Fast Payout

    Not only does this lender give applicants a quick decision within minutes after they finish the application process, but it promises to transfer money within an hour after an application has been approved. 

    Dot Dot loans boasts hourly payment times, every hour, seven days a week.

    Early Repayment/ No Fees

    Dot Dot Loans allows for early repayment in full. Depending on how much they’ve paid at that point, borrowers might be eligible for a rebate of interest. It also doesn’t charge any up-front or application fees (because it is a direct lender).

    Responsible Lending

    Dot Dot Loans does not charge borrowers any hidden fees and is transparent about the APR, interest rate, and the total repayable amount. It only approves applications from borrowers that it believes can afford to pay back the loan in time. 

    Online Portal

    The online portal is a great managing tool that allows borrowers to keep track of their balance and payment schedule, pay monthly instalments and apply for a new loan (but only after they’ve paid the previous one in full and on time).

    Worth noting: Unlike ​​1 Plus 1 Loans, Dot Dot Loans does not allow borrowers to top up their loans. They can take a second loan once they pay back the first one.


    The loan amount, loan rate, interest, and APR are calculated on a case-to-case basis. 

    For example, if you borrow £250 over 3 months at a fixed interest rate of 284.76% p.a. And a representative APR of 1228.67%, you will pay £133.65 a month for a total payable amount of  £400.95.

    If you want to know how much you’ll pay for a certain loan amount and term, you can use the calculator on the Dot Dot Loans website. Keep in mind that the lender might send you a different offer based on your financial situation and other circumstances. 

    Worth noting: If you’re looking for loans with a 0% interest rate, consider Creditspring.

    Is Dot Dot Loans Safe to Use?

    Dot Dot Loans is a trading name of Shelby Finance LTD, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority( FCA).

    The FCA also regulates the Open Banking system and Account Information Service Providers( AISPs) that the lender uses to access applicants’ financial information, which means they must comply with the data protection legislation.

    On top of that, Dot Dot Loans uses industry-standard encryption to protect users’ information on their official website.

    Customer Support

    Dot Dot Loans contact info includes:

    • Phone: 0333 240 6215
    • Post: Dot Dot Loans Building 1, The Phoenix Centre, 1 Colliers Way, Nottingham, NG8 6AT
    • Enquiry form on the website

    The customer support team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Dot Dot Loan Reviews

    Dot Dot Loans has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot. Customers praise its customer support, its fast application process, and quick payout. 

    ‘Well I can’t praise this company enough. Polite, friendly, caring and understanding would highly recommend this company special thanks to Mel and Reese for listening to me and supporting me with my tragic circumstances.’ – Claire.

    ‘Dot dot loans were good enough to lend to me, even though my credit score was awful! If you have any problems, they are excellent at helping you. So I would recommend to anybody, to try dot dot loans.’ – Derek.

    ‘Easy, straightforward and, whilst not a cheap option, the costs are clearly stated and reasonable for what it is.’ – Brian Mansfield.

    ‘Easy to use, instant decision. Customer service was friendly and helpful. All the paperwork was easy to understand.’ – Axford.

    Dot Dot Loans Review: Bottom Line

    Dot Dot is a short-term loan provider that operates entirely online and offers loans for people with a less than perfect credit score. The lender conducts both soft and hard credit checks, as well as affordability assessments, and allows borrowers to pay back their loans early without subjecting them to a prepayment fee.


    How long does Dot Dot Loans take?

    Dot Dot Loans makes an initial decision a couple of minutes after you finish the online application process. They usually transfer funds within an hour after approval.

    Is Dot Dot Loans a direct lender?

    Dot Dot Loans is a direct lender that transfers funds directly to borrowers’ bank accounts and doesn’t charge any application fees. Dot Dot Loans reviews also say that it’s easy to use and provides a fast payout. If you would rather consult a broker and get matched to a suitable lender, THL Direct is a good option to consider.

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