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CASH4UNOW Reviews, Features and Fees (2024)

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Loan amount: £150- £600 (up to £1,000 for previous borrowers)
Loan terms: 4 or 6 months
Fees: £5 per missed payment
Representative APR: 1307%
Annual rate of interest: 292% per annum
Funding speed: Same day (Monday-Friday)

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Payout instalment loans
  • Flexible repayment
  • Same-day funding
  • Online application process
  • No early repayment fees
  • Late interest cap
  • Cons

  • Requires regular income
  • No soft credit checks
  • Late payment fees
  • CASH4UNow is a UK-based loan provider that offers a flexible alternative to traditional payday loans. 

    But, what exactly does it offer, what do CASH4UNOW reviews say about its service, and is it the right choice for you?

    Let’s dive in.

    What is CASH4UNOW?

    CASHFORYOUNOW is a trading name of Novaloans Ltd, an independent loan lender based in Leeds that was founded in 2011.

    What makes CASHFORUNOW stand out from the crowd of lenders is that it takes a different approach to short-term payday loan lending – it allows borrowers to get a quick payout but doesn’t require them to pay back the entire amount in one lump sum like traditional payday loans

    It also sets repayment dates that are in line with borrowers’ paydays.

    How Does CASH4UNOW Work?

    The company is a direct lender and operates entirely online

    To apply for a loan:

    1. Go to the CASH4UNOW website.
    2. Choose a loan amount.
    3. Choose a loan term.
    4. Enter the date when you receive your salary.
    5. Click the ‘Apply now’ button.

    You’ll then need to fill in the application form with your:

    • Personal information (name, date of birth, address, number of dependents, marital status, mobile phone, and email address)
    • Financial information (when you’re paid, debit card details, bank details, budget details)
    • Employment information (employer status, industry, employer address, employer number, and employment length)

    CASH 4 U NOW will then send you an ‘in principle’ decision. For example, a CASH4UNOW approved in principle decision means that your application is acceptable, but the company will run some other checks before making a final decision. 

    CASH4UNOW will contact you if they need more information and to inform you that the application has been accepted.

    The company will then pay the money into your bank account via Faster Payments (usually on the same working day). 

    Worth noting: CASH4UNOW notes that it will not contact your employer without your consent. To confirm you meet their minimum income requirements, they will ask your bank to provide the necessary details.

    Eligibility Criteria

    CASH4UNOW will only consider applicants that

    • Are UK residents.
    • Aged between 18 and 65.
    • Have a UK bank account with a valid debit card associated with it.
    • Have a minimum income of £600 a month.
    • Have an active email address and phone number
    • Are not in an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), bankrupt, in a debt management plan (DMP), or debt relief order (DRO).

    If payday loans are not a valid option for you, you could consider other alternatives such as P2P lending offered by:

    How Repayment Works

    CAS4UNOW offers borrowers three options to make a payment: 

    1. Bank account: Applicants who apply for short-term instalment loans will have to agree to allow CASH4UNOW to take each payment directly from their bank on the agreed date. 
    1. Payment page: In case of an issue with the bank account, borrowers can make payments via the company’s payment page (you will need your postcode and six-digit loan number to complete the payment). 
    1. Payment line: If a borrower cannot use the first two payment methods, they can call the CASH4UNOW payment line, which is open 24/7, and choose option one. Their customer support representative will help you figure out how to proceed with your payment. 

    Main Features

    Here’s what CASH4UNOW offers to potential and existing borrowers:

    Loan amount

    CASH4UNOW offers loans between £150 and £600 for first-time customers and up to £1,000 for existing customers who have successfully paid off their loans. 

    If you need a bigger loan amount, you might want to consider Everyday Loans, which provides loans of up to £15,000.

    Fast payout 

    CASH FOR YOU NOW deposit cash to your bank account on the same working day (except on bank holidays and weekends). The company also sends applicants an ‘in principle decision’ a couple of minutes after they finish the online application process. 

    If you want an even faster payout, take a look at MoneyBoat, which offers super-fast 15 minute loans.

    Repayment flexibility 

    Instead of repaying a payday loan in one lump sum, CASH4UNOW allows borrowers to pay what they owe in 4 or 6 months. Mr Lender, on the other hand, offers shorter loan terms (starting at 3 months).

    Potential borrowers can also use the online calculator to check how much they would need to pay back (based on the amount they want to borrow and the loan term).

    Responsible short-term lending 

    CASH4UNOW does not approve loans to people who state that they’re in financial trouble or those they believe would not be able to pay back the loan. The company also sends borrowers a reminder three days before their payment is due to ensure they have enough funds in their bank accounts to make a payment.

    Early repayment/Fees

    CASH4UNOW does not charge early repayment fees and allows borrowers to pay back the loan early and reduce their interest rate. However, CASH4UNOW charges a fee of £5 for missed payments and only applies up to three late payment charges for a total of £15 in default fees.

    Unlike CASH4UNOW, Koyo Loans doesn’t charge any late payment fees.

    Capped interest rate 

    The company does not charge more than 0.8% per day on the balance of loan principal outstanding. Late interest is charged up to a maximum of 60 days from the final scheduled repayment date.


    All lenders, including CASH4UNOW, consider different things to determine the total repayable amount. Your CASH4UNOW charges will also depend on whether you’ll accrue extra fees and interest in case of a missed or late payment. 

    If you repay your loan amount of time and take out £200 repayable over 4 months, you’ll repay a total amount of 332.00 in 4 payments of £83.00 at a fixed interest of 292% pa and a Representative 1307% APR.

    Customer Support

    Borrowers can reach CASH4UNOW’s customer support team via:

    1. Email: info@cash4unow.co.uk
    2. Phone: 0113 887 3434
    3. Post: 7 Limewood Way, Leeds, LS14 1AB

    Opening hours at CASH4UNOW are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on Friday.

    CASH 4 U NOW reviews

    CASH4UNOW is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot. 

    Customers praised the company’s quick approval process and transparency and some even said they were approved for a loan despite having a bad credit score

    ‘This is a very simple loan, very reliable company, who really do remind you when the payment is due, and they help you with deciding how much to realistically borrow, but as they say, only borrow money you can pay back, yes they have systems to support customers who find themselves in sudden need or financial difficulties, but just be mindful when deciding how much to borrow, and over how long.’ – Karen McNeil.

    ‘I had a really positive experience with this loan company, I wasn’t sure if my application was going to be accepted but it was and the process was really quick & easy. I got the money the same day which really came in handy as I needed it quite urgently. They just had to verify my debit card which didn’t take long, once that was done they kept me updated via email and within a few hours the money was paid into my account! Thanks so much, brill service and the lady on the phone was helpful and friendly. Would definitely use again if needed’. – Ally Gorge.

    ‘Excellent service has been provided throughout thebentire process. Applying was quick and easy, with money available by the next working day. Communications has been excellent and the staff have been very helpful with any queries I have had. If I was ever in a similar position again, I would not hesitate to use Cash4unow again’. – Luke Howard.

    Bottom Line

    CASH FOR U NOW is an excellent option for individuals that are looking for quick payday loans but do not want to pay them back in a lump sum.  The lender allows for early repayment, boasts a fast payout, and has an excellent customer support team.


    Does CASH4UNOW contact the employer?

    CASH4UNOW can contact your employer to ask about your income but only if you permit them.

    How long does CASH FOR YOU NOW take?

    It takes only a couple of minutes for the company to give borrowers an ‘in principle’ decision. The length of the application process depends on a variety of factors, but once an application is approved, CASH4UNOW deposits the funds on the same day (except for weekends and holidays).

    I have a poor credit history, will CASH4UNOW still consider me?

    CASH4UNOW might not be the best choice for people with a low credit score, but there have been instances where the company has accepted applications from borrowers with a poor credit history.

    Will CASH4UNOW contact me if I have been provisionally accepted for a loan?

    CASH4UNOW keeps in touch with borrowers during the application process by email, according to CASH4UNOW reviews. If your application is accepted, an advisor from the company will call you to walk you through the agreement.

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