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2024’s Best Cashback Apps and Sites in the UK

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated February, 7, 2024

Did you know you can earn free cash, coupons, or discounts simply by shopping?

When buying certain products using cashback apps and sites, you can save a considerable amount of spending cash.

Learn how these sites work, and check out our list of the best cashback apps and sites in the UK below!

List of the Best Cashback Apps and Sites in the UK

  1. Best for bonuses: TopCashback | Apply Now
  2. Best for payout: Quidco | Apply Now
  3. Best for savings: KidStart | Apply Now
  4. Best for vouchers: Swagbucks | Apply Now
  5. Best for mobile bill cashback: Airtime Rewards | Apply Now
  6. Best for receipt cashback: ZIPZERO | Apply Now
  7. Best for surveys and free trials: OhMyDosh | Apply Now
  8. Best for freebies: 20Cogs | Apply Now
  9. Best for grocery discounts: Shopmium | Apply Now
  10. Best for cashback option for healthy and eco-friendly brands: GreenJinn | Apply Now
  11. Best for variety of offers – CheckoutSmart | Apply Now
  12. Best for shareholders – WeShop | Apply Now

Overview of the Best Cashback Apps & Sites in the UK

Below we go over some of the best cashback sites available to UK residents to recoup extra spending money, discounts, and/or coupons.


Starting off with one of the best cashback sites in the UK, TopCashback partners with a huge number of UK retailers (around 5,000) that cover all of your shopping needs.

This cashback service is also one of the rare sites that pass over 100% (up to 165%) of the commission they receive from retailers back to the customer. Plus, it includes a friend referral scheme that pays out up to £25 when your friend earns a £10 cashback.

While TopCashback is free to join and use, they also offer a £5/year membership that offers bigger benefits. Ultimately, its 20+ million members earn over £300/year on average, and they can receive their cashback via 62 different options with a bonus.

Top retailers: Samsung, eBay, ASOS, Etsy, Amazon, boohoo, and more.


Quidco is another top-rated site that competes for UK’s top cashback app spot by offering more or less the same retailers and exclusive offers as TopCashback.

Once you join Quidco for free, you can start shopping at your favourite online retailers for anything from tech gadgets, clothes, travel, insurance, and even groceries, earning around £280/year in cashback on average.

To increase your rebate amount, you can also subscribe to Quidco’s £12/year premium service to access higher cashback rates, guarantees, and payout bonuses. Quidco will match it and add a top-up even if you find a higher cashback rate with any other site.

Top retailers: Argos, eBay, Boots, B&Q, Just Eat, Wilko, Asos, and more.


KidStart is a unique cashback website in the UK that lets you build a nest egg for a child in your family simply by shopping in over 2,300 retailers like Amazon, where 90% of UK shoppers have been buying from.

To start building a brighter future for your children with KidStart, simply open an account in their names, shop as you would, and watch your savings grow. You can even invest your cashback with KidSave, the platform’s investment option.

You can create a KidStart account for free, even if you are expecting a child or saving for someone else’s child. Note that your savings do not expire, and they will be transferred to your bank account at the beginning of each month if the saved balance is at least £10.

Top retailers: H&M, Currys, Halfords, Sainsbury’s, Amazon, and more.


While not a cashback site exclusively, Swagbucks does offer that option, among other methods of earning extra cash via the internet, such as completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, playing games, and more.

With Swagbucks, instead of getting your cashback directly, you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards and cash. You can start earning these points immediately after joining the site for free simply by going about your everyday online activities.

To earn points by shopping, visit the site’s shopping portal after creating your account and peruse the 1,500 it offers. Each retailer listing also states how many SB points you have to earn to get a certain amount of cashback rebate.

Top retailers: Uber Eats, WorldRemit, Coinsmart, Uber Rider, and more.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime is one of the UK’s top cashback websites due to its unique niche to provide you cashback rebates towards your mobile phone bill. It’s a great reward system, especially when 10.8 billion mobile messages are sent and 50 billion minutes are spent on voice calls to mobiles.

To achieve that, Airtime Rewards implements a process wherein users download the app, link their payment card, and earn rewards by shopping at certain online retailers. 

The platform then deducts the amount earned from their phone bills, and users can even increase their savings by participating in various monthly challenges. 

As of now, the app works on most major mobile networks in the UK, including O2, Three, Vodafone, EE, and Giffgaff.

Top retailers: Boots, Greggs, Wilko, Argos, Morrisons, and more.


Like Airtime Rewards, ZIPZERO monetises your shopping data to help you pay your monthly bills, including electricity, gas, water, phone, internet, and taxes.

However, ZIPZERO stands out among the cashback websites in the UK with one unique feature: you can get a reward on both your in-store and online purchases.

Every shopping receipt you scan within the app rewards you 0.5% of the product’s value, while the premium rewards you receive when shopping with ZIPZERO’s retail partners (up to 10% of the purchase value) vary depending on the offer you choose at that moment.

When you accumulate at least £5 in either base or premium rewards, you have to redirect these funds to a utility provider of your choice as you cannot withdraw them otherwise.

Top retailers: Argos, Boots, boohoo, ASOS, eBay, and more.


Claiming to be UK’s top cashback website in terms of cashout time, OhMyDosh does live up to that reputation on occasion, especially with its ‘lightning offers’.

What’s more, OhMyDosh offers a wide range of fun and easy ways to earn extra cash, including completing free trials, surveys and competitions, switching utility bills, shopping online, and more.

You can start earning money immediately after completing the quick and free sign-up procedure. Then, once your balance reaches £10 you can cash out within 3 to 5 days via PayPal or bank transfer. Moreover, you can complete as many offers as you wish.

Top retailers: M&S, boohoo, Sky, graze, hayu., Groupon, and more.


20Cogs is one of the newer cashback websites in the UK that is most similar to Swagbucks as it offers various fun and quick methods to earn some extra spending money.

To make money in your free time via this platform you can participate in competitions, play games, fill out surveys, or complete a plethora of other offers. Upon signing up for free, you even receive a £5 welcome bonus.

Once 20Cogs confirms you have completed your 20 offers, it will pay you out via BACS or PayPal from the commission they earn. On average, you can expect to cash out about £200. Note that new members can cash out with 20Cogs only once!


Shopmium is one of the most popular cash back apps for buying groceries and other products from UK supermarkets as it helps you get cashback rebates and excellent discounts for both in-person and online purchases.

Once you sign up and download the Shopmium app, get your shopping list ready and start browsing through the platform’s supermarket catalogue to find the products you need. Once you complete your shopping, as usual, submit your receipts to get your cashback.

New users even get a free welcome gift, and if you invite a friend to join, you get an additional £3 on your cashback balance. Once you earn at least £10, you can request a cashout, which will be processed within 48 hours. On average, you save around £50/week.

Top brands: Ella’s Kitchen, Garden Gourmet, Felix, Heineken, Dove, and more.


One of the most popular apps like Shopmium, GreenJinn is a cashback service that helps you cut your grocery bills by receiving cash rebates on your shopping expenses.

The team behind this platform promote it as the foremost cashback option for healthy and eco-friendly brands. Moreover, once you install GreenJinn for free, you get personalised and sustainable weekly offers, including vegan and gluten-free options.

To get your cashback, shop as you normally would (either in-store or online), take a photo of your receipt with the GreenJinn app and wait for your refund. Most products even come with up to 100% cashback rates, and you can save up to £1,500/year.

You can claim your rebates to your PayPal or bank account after you collect just £1.50—one of the lowest payout thresholds among all cashback apps in the UK.

Top brands: Leon, Minor Figures, The Snaffling Pig, Sprout, Love Corn, and more.


CheckoutSmart is another rewarding app that helps you save money when shopping at UK supermarkets. Similar to Shopmium, this service accepts in-person and online purchase receipts and offers various rewards from the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

After downloading the app and signing up for free, you can check out a large variety of offers on anything from food and drinks to toiletries from most major brands. Then you simply have to upload a photo of your receipt, and CheckoutSmart will do the rest.

Once you accumulate £1 for your first payment (£5 for future payments), you can transfer your funds straight to your bank or PayPal account. However, withdrawals below £20 will be subjected to a 5% processing fee.

Top brands: Aqua Libra, Rubicon Spring, Starbucks, Strykk, Purdeys, and more.


Unlike the above sites, WeShop is a unique cashback service that lets you earn actual shares in the company by shopping as normal. In essence, it is a social network that seeks to revolutionise how we communicate, shop online, and save money.

Currently, you can browse and buy over 1 billion products from over 500 popular UK retailers and watch your investment grow. Ultimately, you earn 50% of the product’s value in WeShares.

Therefore, instead of getting cash, vouchers, or discounts, you become one of WeShop’s shareholders. Note that you can also increase your rewards by recommending products and referring your friends. 

Top retailers: eBay, B&Q, ASOS, Currys, Selfridges & Co., and more.

How Do Cashback Sites & Apps Work?

Cashback services make their profit by referring their users to their partner retailers.

Namely, suppose you purchase any product via a cashback app or site. In that case, all three parties win something: the cashback sites are compensated by the retailer, the seller gets your business, and you get back a minor cash amount, discounts, coupons, etc.

The funds you receive vary depending on what you buy and its cashback percentage. Then, once they reach a certain amount, you may be able to withdraw them.

Wrapping Up

Start saving money and taking a more fiscally responsible approach to your finances by checking out the shopping cashback apps and websites outlined above. That way, you earn some extra cash as easily as doing your everyday shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

How does Quidco make money?

Like most UK cashback sites, Quidco receives a commission from retailers for driving traffic to their stores. Then, it pays a minor amount back to the customer.

Which is the best UK cashback app?

Some of the best cashback apps in the UK include Quidco, TopCashback, imutual, and Nectar, which all partner with many UK retailers and offer great deals.

Is TopCashback better than Quidco?

These two rival companies often compete on the same exclusive deals, plus the number of retailers and additional benefits they offer are very similar. Therefore, if you are a UK citizen looking for a cashback service, check out both.

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